All-in-house Policy

Emo Neon has always been consistent about implementation of new manufacturing technologies, constant education of all team members and development of our machine park.  As a result, today we are able to apply in our company an all-in house policy.  This means that we have practically given up all forms of oursourcing during the manufacturing process.  Thanks to total vertical integration of all stages of production every step of the manufacturing process is done in-house and is based exclusively on our own resources.

We have at our disposition all key resources:

  • construction department,
  • LED assembly laboratory,
  • powerful industrial CNC laser (allowing to cut steel as thick as 20 mm),
  • CNC press-brake,
  • CNC high speed milling machines,
  • letter bending,
  • welding,
  • polishing,
  • powder coating,
  • wet painting,
  • plastic treatment,
  • neon shop,
  • light source assembling
  • finishing department.


Such approach to manufacturing process significantly reduces both time and costs needed to fulfil the orders. Our customers do not need to cover the costs of interoperational logistics, the margins of the middlemen and subcontractors. Thanks to such degree of vertical integration of all production processes our customers do not need to bother with details of design or technical specifications regarding materials, assembling or functioning of light signs produced by Emo Neon.

You can just deliver the general concept and we shall take care of everything else.